DFL SD 52 2020 Convention Resolutions

Recently, 218 elected delegates took part in DFL SD 52’s first online convention! Along with endorsing candidates and electing delegates to further conventions, we also took an important vote of resolutions.

Resolutions are how individuals have their voices heard to impact the platform of the DFL. In all, 15 resolutions passed and will be heard and voted on at the state convention.

Below, please find all 15 resolutions that passed at our convention. These are our common values, a reflection of our members’ priorities in the 2020 election and beyond. Congratulations to all who brought a resolution forward!


Public Safety & Crime Prevention Criminal background checks for gun sales The DFL supports criminal background checks before all gun sales in Minnesota 171
Civil Human & Constitutional Rights Automatic voter registration The DFL supports that at voting age, one is automatically registered to vote. 158
Education Funding of K-12 education The DFL supports fully funding pre K-12 education in Minnesota, including universal pre-kindergarten, adequate counseling and health services, and special ed supports 154
Agriculture & Food Regulation of pesticide use The DFL supports policies to reduce or eliminate the use of unsafe pesticides (such as glyphosate, neonicotinoids and chlorpyrifos). 153
Civil Human & Constitutional Rights Amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC The DFL supports that the Minnesota DFL urges returning to the clean, pre-2010 understanding of the boundaries of 1st amendment rights (prior to the SCOTUS 2010 Citizen’s United decision): Corporations are NOT people and Money is NOT speech! 153
Consumer Issues Paid leave, and child care The DFL supports paid family family and medical leave and universal child care, with no family’s childcare expenses exceeding 70% of their income and early childhood educators and childcare providers be paid a living wage. 148
Education Funding of public education The DFL supports raising taxes on the wealthiest 1% and largest corporations in Minnesota to fully fund public education 148
Public Safety & Crime Prevention Red flag laws The DFL supports red flag laws to prohibit people from possessing firearms that pose a significant danger to themselves or others 148
Health & Human Services Ban conversion therapy The DFL supports banning conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth in MN 140
Government Accountability to the Public Regulation of dark money The DFL supports laws to restrict undisclosed contributions to political campaigns (Dark Money) 139
Health & Human Services Affordable healthcare The DFL supports an affordable and accessible MN Health plan 138
Civil Human & Constitutional Rights Upholding treaties The DFL supports pledges to uphold treaties which are defined as the “supreme Law of the Land” under the US Constitution. Americans have a responsibility to be land stewards and good neighbors under the treaties. Failure to uphold treaties creates a violation of human rights under international law. 133
Education Affordable childcare for all The DFL supports affordable childcare for all families 133
Labor & Employment Green New Deal The DFL supports Green New Deal goals of ending greenhouse gas emissions; establishing millions of high-wage jobs, ensuring economic security for all; investing in sustainable and affordable housing and transportation for all; securing clean air and water, climate and community resiliency, healthy food and access to nature; and promoting justice and equity with a ten year mobilization effort. 132
Civil Human & Constitutional Rights Immigrant Bill of Rights The DFL supports the passage of an Immigrant Bill of Rights for ALL immigrants which should include: driver’s licenses of immigrants, making MN a sanctuary state, full access to ALL public benefits for ALL Minnesotans (access to child care assistance funds to support families w/low incomes & access to MinnesotaCare (public healthcare assistance for individuals with low incomes), paid family & medical leave, earned sick & safe time (paid sick days). 131

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