Engage in SD52 to Get Out The Vote #GOTV

These midterm elections could not be more important.  Turnout will be key for all of the candidates up and down the ballot and conversations with our friends and neighbors to engage them and motivate them to vote is essential.

For some that will include door knocking for Ruth Richardson or Rick Hansen or any of the other candidates on your ballot.  For some it may mean phone banking, postcard or letter writing, or just conversations over coffee or at local events. It is essential that we all DO SOMETHING to help support our amazing DFL candidates. Contact Rick Hansen or Ruth Richardson’s campaigns to see how you can get involved TODAY!

We have created a document that you can print at home- 2 sided – to take with you.

This includes our slate of candidates. It has the online link to information about where to vote early, how to vote from home, finding your full ballot, etc. It also shares what we stand for and what’s at stake when we vote.

You can download this document HERE

Don’t wake up after election day and wish you would have done more.  NOW is the time for action!

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