Policy Happy Hour — Industrial Hemp and the Economy

Senator Karla Bigham (SD 54) joined us this month to talk about Industrial Hemp in MN and how it is affecting our economy.

Among the sparkling conversation we learned:

  • The 2018 Farm bill legalized industrialized hemp, separating it from marijuana distinctly due to its lower concentration of THC. Industrial hemp can be used to make a wide variety of products, including CBD oil, and can now be safely shipped over state lines for processing, sales, and personal use.
  • “My goal is for us (MN) to be the number one producer of industrial hemp.”
  • MN doesn’t have a hemp processing plant currently. Farmers grow hemp here, send it to CO for processing, and then get it sent back. Building a processing plant here would be a sure boost both to MN farmers and to the local economy.
  • Sen. Bigham sponsored (and passed in a divided Congress!) three separate bills about industrial hemp last session.

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Next month, we’ll welcome Rep. Anne Clafin (54A)! Join us on August 20!

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