Resolutions- Your Voice at Caucus

Resolutions are how individuals within the DFL have their voices heard to impact the platform of the DFL.  Think about the issues you are most passionate about.  Is it about protecting our environment, reducing gun violence, access to quality , affordable health care, equity in education or housing, or concern for our veterans?  You can write a resolution about that!
  • Fill in your personal information at the top
  • Choose the category
  • Provide a 5 word title
  • Give a very brief, clear description of what you would like to see the DFL support
  • You may provide additional information to share at your precinct, (but that info will not appear on the ballot when resolutions are voted on)

You can write your own resolutions! Click here for blank form to download 

Bring your resolution to your precinct caucus on Feb 25th at 6:30 PM – Your caucus location is in graphic to left.

Commit to Caucus by clicking here– to stay updated on all caucus information in SD52

Here is a link to view resolutions that were passed at our senate district level in 2018- SD52 Final Resolutions Top 40– propose some of these again, or create new ones.

New to Resolutions?
Watch these quick videos on how resolutions work and why they are an important way to have your voice heard at caucus and in forming the DFL platform.

You can write your own resolutions! Click here for blank form to download

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