SD52 Legislative Town Hall

Great townhall yesterday with our amazing representatives in SD52- Rep. Ruth Richardson, Rep. Rick Hansen and Sen. Matt Klein.

Held at Inver Hills Community College the room filled with folks who wanted to hear about the upcoming legislative session and to have their voices heard on a wide variety of issues.  This open discourse is exactly what democracy looks like and is essential for building community and a truly representative government. Healthcare, education, equity, environmental issues and workers’ rights were just some of the topics addressed.

We were grateful to have respectful, civil discourse with elected officials who are knowledgeable, compassionate and more than willing to engage with those they work for, the people of SD52!

See the full video here. (Apologies for the technical difficulties)

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  1. Thank You for this video, I hope you can keep covering events like this no matter if it is small or big it makes it possible to stay informed with our busy lives. please keep doing it if possible. I am sure Angie Craie has people doing this for her. if not please ask if she can do it. also, coordinate with the governor would be helpful.

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