We The People, Gerrymandering and The Importance of the Vote

For the DFL SD52 May meeting, we were fortunate to hear from Annastacia Belladonna Carrerra, the Executive Director of Common Cause MN.

Per their website,”Common Cause Minnesota believes that we’re better off when people from all walks of life participate in self-governance. We all deserve a voice in shaping the future for our families and communities. Join us to work toward solutions that reduce the influence of money in politics, hold public officials accountable, create a more representative government, and ensure that every vote counts so our elections reflect the will of the people.​”

As Common Cause Mn is a non-partisan organization, Annastacia shared her unique perspective on this last legislative session, especially how it pertained to her work with a statewide network on redistricting, gerrymandering, fair maps and the importance of holding all of our elected officials accountable.  With the 2020 census coming up quickly, and new voting maps being drawn based on the data collected, we all need to be aware and involved in all that this entails for our democracy.  We need to insure that every voter knows that their vote matters and that we are picking our elected officials vs incumbents choosing their constituents.

Please watch the full video here.

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